Welcome to the Buyer Led World

Times of our lives

We are living in momentous times of great change. Extensive economic, social and technological transformation is being driven by the digital revolution, as computing power and internet bandwidth become cheaper and more accessible to all. We are now at an inflexion point, with a radical shift in how we communicate and solve problems in the modern workplace. We have moved on from the straightjacket of the Industrial era into the empowerment of the Knowledge economy.

Technology is creating new challenges and opportunities. Business models demand greater performance efficiency and lower costs while maintaining high levels of service. We understand these challenges, and have consistently striven to help companies solve critical business needs with our technology-based platforms.

And now, with Pitch.Link, the complete buyer-seller engagement platform, we aim to help organizations accelerate the digital transformation in their transaction process, transitioning smoothly into the Knowledge Economy.

The Calling

We believe in the democratization of knowledge. An empowered society where each and every individual is invested with the power of information and can enjoy the benefits of technology. We want to create a world where no one is left behind because of their socio-economic background, education level, language or understanding.

The team has created tools and content in many languages and levels, that reaches out across geographies, demographies, age groups and social levels, delivering the future in new and personalized ways, ensuring that everyone can benefit from today's incredible technological transformation.

With whom we walk the path

We follow in the path of great visionaries. People who have used science and technology to drive change and ensure a secure future for billions. People who have transformed education, communication, agriculture, medicine and healthcare- people from all walks of life.

A hand to build the future

We have been fortunate to be able to work with some of the most renowned names in business, such as the Tatas, the Mahindras, Godrej, Flipkart, Epson, Pearson, Gito, NextWealth, Whirlpool, ConsulNeoWatt, Wipro E Peripherals, Cleartrip, Homelane, Digite and Ezetap amongst many others.

We see our products being used by many every day. We are enriched by their insights, wisdom and exacting demands. From automobiles to healthcare, from agriculture to education, from electronics to social enterprise- we are also proud to have touched such a wide spectrum of humanity.

And we are humbled that the products and content we craft powers enterprises and empowers millions.

Core Team

Subhanjan Sarkar

Subhanjan launched India’s first technology show on television and the second 24 hour technology television channel in the world 1999. He developed a Multilingual Visual Learning Platform in2008. Subhanjan holds 3 US patents for the technology applications he developed. Pitch.Link is his newest product aimed at providing a comprehensive buyer-seller engagement platform.

Rajib Aditya

Head of Content

Rajib's background in the mainstream feature film industry lends him the unique ability to create narrative content that appeals to human interest. Riding the edge between digital process and consumption, he provides inputs to refine UX, in the attempt to provide a seamless experience between content and its delivery mechanism. He is responsible for all content on the platform, including help and learning guides.

Pradeep K. Gupta

Head of Technology

Pradeep drives all technology and development at Pitch.link. He leads the development team that works on the flagship Multilingual Visual Learning Platform application and its mobile extensions. He oversaw and delivered more than 100 apps for the Showhow2 portfolio, and led development of multilingual apps for enterprise training on the KnowledgeBridge platform. Pradeep holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology.

Advait Sarkar

Advisor Analytics

Advait is advising Pitch.Link to craft its predictive analytics path.

Advait studies the intersection of design and artificial intelligence, primarily in the context of spreadsheets, data analytics and data visualization. Advait has worked on these topics both in industry and in academia. His work has been published in several scientific papers, and incorporated into products used by millions of users.

Omprakash Yadav

Head of Admin

Om is responsible for ensuring smooth operations in every facet of operations, from finance to company affairs, from infrastructure to community well-being, from pre-planning to production floor efficiency. His previous spell in producing a technology show and channel satellite up-linking from South East Asia provides him valuable all-round experience in the field.