Why Pitch.Link?

Personalized Communication + Contextual Conversation =
10 - 20% Higher Conversion.

Pitch.Link helps you convert more leads into sales by enabling sharing of information
and contextual conversations with the entire buying team when and where they want it.

Why Pitch.Link?

5% success in B2B Lead conversion. Let’s fix this together.

Built for busy Sales, Procurement professionals and Buyers

Personalization of a Pitch Flow in minutes, all collaterals at one’s fingertips, easy update of documents across multiple pitches – all come with the Pitch.Link platform

Controlled Narrative

Pitch.link enables you to build your unique story using existing sales and marketing collaterals, your voice, video and customer testimonials all into a controlled sequenced narrative for easy understanding of your value proposition by your prospect.

Buyer Side Chat and Analytics

The key to selling in this Buyer-Led era is Making Buying Easy! Pitch.Link has built an unique and secured way for prospective buyers to engage with their own team on a proposition sent to them by a vendor. Buyers also have access to engagement analytics on all collaterals and conversations from their own team. They can invite colleagues to participate, contribute even have external experts as part of the conversation with the Vendor team. No other platform allows buyers their own secured space. With Pitch.Link you empower your Buyers to manage their internal challenges easily.

Buyers even have a Personal Dashboard to manage all pitches received withoutsigning up for any account. Simple OTP based log in takes the hassle out ofmanaging yet another SaaS account.

Contextual Conversation

Prospects have diverse questions and managing them is difficult without context. Pitch.Link makes contextual conversation easy by organizing each conversation thread around each element of your sales narrative. Add to this, multiple stakeholders with their own requirements and complexity of contextual conversations become critical. Pitch.Link solves this.

Natural conversations

When we talk to our prospects, we use text(mails/messages) or audio (phone calls). Again, keeping track of all of these over multiple apps is difficult. Important points falling through the cracks happen all the time increasing sales cycles and conflict. Pitch.Link makes it easy to contain all conversations and exchanges on a single unique link using two-way text and audio messaging and file sharing.  Video messaging coming soon.

Asynchronous Communication

Face to face is always a difficult ask. And overrated. In most cases they are not useful. No wonder email works still. All of us use messaging to get things done.  Pitch.Link is built as an asynchronous tool so that multiple people on both ends of a B2B transaction can participate in the process irrespective of geographic location or prior engagement. Most propositions can make significant progress without the need for synchronicity and the problems that come with it.

Building Trust

Pitch.Link does not show you any data of your prospect’s engagement with our sales communication without explicit permission. All sales training and Gurus talk about building Trust as the first step to any transaction. Yet do not think twice about surreptitiously tracking our user’s engagement (or lack thereof). Pitch.Link demonstrates upfront that you respect your Buyer by asking for permission to see their engagement. Explicitly. Not a opt out but opt in. This puts Pitch.Link users in immediate contrast to their competitors who still think tracking how long someone looked at a particular slide in your pitch deck will help you sell better.   This is counterintuitive and contrarian.


On the Pitch.Link platform you cannot delete or edit any conversation once you have posted it. This ensures that all communication is available to both parties till the end of the transaction building trust and assigning responsibility to where it belongs. Updates to documents are notified to all participants ensuring the information exchange remains transparent.

Group Conversations

In B2B transactions one to one communication is not enough anymore. There are multiple stakeholders at the Buyers end. So at the sellers – technical feasibility, delivery, customer success, commercials. Pitch.Link makes it easy to have multiple people participate in the conversation from both ends of the transaction.

Easy for participants to keep track of personal engagement

While every participant engages on a single link Pitch.Link is able to show engagement flags to each individual participant. Imagine you are part of a Pitch.Link where there are 7 more colleagues engaged. You have not logged in for 7 days. When you log back in you will see all conversations that you missed, neatly flagged in your account. What’s more you can disable notifications when you are away or even opt out from the conversation.

Never miss a thing.

Easy to continue progressive conversations with Everything in one place

With Follow up pitches you can create a thread of communication and conversations taking the discussion forward towards a close. All the while keeping all information, collaterals, conversations and feedbacks consolidated on one single link for all participants. Concluding a transaction becomes easy.

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